Trees are living, breathing historical records. They first took root a whopping 385 million years ago. For context, trees were around during the Ice Age and when the Pyramids of Giza were brand-new. They’re some of the oldest living organisms in the world and have so much impact on the environment and human civilization.

However, it’s too easy for the worth of trees to slip to the back of our minds. …

“Reduce, reuse, and recycle” has long become the rallying cry for many new environmentalists and policymakers. For many parts of the world, the first step towards environmentally friendly policies and climate action starts with recycling. Several governments have also successfully rallied thousands of citizens, companies, and organizations to cooperate over high-level recycling initiatives. Why’s that?

Recycling helps ups move from a linear to a circular economy

Our economies so far have mostly functioned on a linear model: we produce, buy, consume, and throw. In restarting the process, we’re spending more while resources that were once abundant become scarcer by the unit.

However, the circular economy calls for putting items we’d normally…

Think back to the emails you might have received in the past month. How many of them had a message along the lines of “think before you print?” How many electronic devices and tools use “paperless” as their selling point? In both cases, your answer will likely be “many.”

For decades, environmental activists and enthusiasts have been promoting the paperless agenda. Futurists have predicted the rise of the paperless future — indeed, we might even say we’re living in such a society right now.

On paper (pun unintended), the environmental benefits of going paperless are quite sound. It saves large-scale…

Do you have a junk drawer that’s filled with things you don’t use but have kept for some reason? Or perhaps you’re despairing over your bursting closet or the number of follow-up items you need to buy for your new gadget? If you’ve ever experienced any of this, chances are you’re trapped in a shop-spend-consume cycle.

A lot of us are. It seems as if we’ve outsourced our decision-making skills to algorithms and apps that tell us what’s new in the market and why we need to own it. …

When you think of the words “innovation” and “technology,” what do you immediately associate them with? Most likely, it’s something to do with modernity, futurism, and development. The word that probably won’t make the list is “ancient.” And yet, ancient natural technologies might well give us the answer to adapting to climate change that we desperately seek in modern innovations.

Looking both forward and backwards

For decades, we’ve assumed that, in the face of development, the destruction of nature is inevitable. Thus we tend to shrug off tree-felling in favor of flashy apartment complexes or ignore the razing down of critical forests to make way…

The food industry can make or break our fight against climate change in many ways. The world is at quite the precipice today: high populations and global income mean we need to produce more food; increased food production leads to compounding biodiversity loss and climate change acceleration.

Our food systems are effectively the world’s largest production line. They generate enough greenhouse gases to heat the planet above the 1.5ºC mark — and that’s even if other sources of these gases, like fossil fuels and manufacturing, were eliminated.

Our approach to food production has gone through many changes. In the beginning…

When you look at numbers around climate change, the chances of understanding them are probably slim. They feel abstract and far removed, especially if they’re on a global scale. Unfortunately, that’s preventing us from making massive and necessary changes to bring climate change under control. They make climate action feel inaccessible and only for the larger organizations, which is far from true (although that doesn’t mean individual action will resolve everything).

Rosalind Redhead, the Independent London Mayoral Candidate for 2021, aims to humanize these numbers and outline changes that can be made beyond ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’ And how is…

When it comes to climate change, we’re forever looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. We’d like to be told that there’s a proper way to decelerate these scary changes — but most often than not, we’re told we’re only moving closer to disaster.

But recent studies have offered a ray of hope: positive tipping points that can spark cascading changes that accelerate not climate change, but climate action.

What are tipping points?

Malcolm Gladwell calls a tipping point “moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” …

Not all scientists wear lab coats or call themselves scientists. They might be students, teachers, activists, organizers, children, politicians… the list goes on. But in the context of citizen science, they’ve contributed as much to the study of our environment and climate action as any scientist might hope to.

“More power to the people” has been a common refrain in environmental action. Task lists that include “don’t leave the tap running” and “say no to plastic” have long been part of school curricula. But citizen science is scientific research and inquiry at the grassroots level.

What is citizen science?

Citizen science allows everyone, regardless…

Sustainability programs, if carried out correctly, can be powerful agents of change and innovation.

That said, a lot of company-driven sustainability programs look great on paper but don’t fly in real life. Many are generic and tend to be for show rather than impact. They don’t consider a company’s strong points, only catering to popular notions of sustainability to be seen. Surface-level tactics have grown threadbare and can even develop a sense of boredom and resistance in company teams because they’re monotonous.

On the other hand, some companies have created plans that not only involve their products and processes but…

Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher

EcoMatcher connects companies, communities, and consumers through trustworthy and transparent tree-planting.

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