A Complete Shift to a Paperless Society: Is It Possible?

The paperless agenda is growing by leaps and bounds…

  • Compact and seamless transactions and communication no matter where you are in the world.
  • Minimized threats to security due to misplaced or unprotected information.
  • Secure databases and an irrefutable track record for key decisions.

So why aren’t we a paperless society already?

The carbon footprint of the internet

Business costs of going digital

Inhibited comprehension and the lack of a sensory experience

What are some other routes to take?

Reduce paper usage first

Use sustainable, non-tree-based paper for the rest

Reduce and offset digital carbon footprints in the interim

  • Setting internal limitations on every office device to minimize overconsumption.
  • Leveraging ​​IoT, machine learning, and automation systems to potentially reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15 percent.
  • Recycling or refurbishing old equipment to break the consumption cycle.
  • Estimating and reducing electricity and HVAC consumption across office facilities.
  • Vetting supplies through stringent quality control measures to reduce digital carbon footprints along the supply chain.

The final word



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Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher

Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher


EcoMatcher connects companies, communities, and consumers through trustworthy and transparent tree-planting.