The State of Climate Technologies

Electrifying buildings and transport

Revolutionizing agriculture, the green way

Supporting the production of meat alternatives

Reinventing the power grid

  • Accelerating the installation of renewable-generation capacity
  • Adding energy-storage capacities to power grids
  • Upgrading the distribution and transmission networks

Increasing how and where hydrogen is used

Bringing climate technologies together

  • linking reserve EV batteries to power grids to create an ad-hoc power-storage facility.
  • facilitating an overlap between agriculture and aviation, where sustainable aviation fuels are made from agricultural biomass and other renewable feedstocks.

Increasing carbon capture, storage, and use

The final word



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Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher

Bas Fransen, CEO EcoMatcher


EcoMatcher connects companies, communities, and consumers through trustworthy and transparent tree-planting.